I do a bit of writing in my “spare time” (lol like I have any of that). I’m finishing two books, one of which is a series and the other is just a big long thing, and I also do some fanfiction (don’t laugh, we’re not all a bunch a freaks without lives- we actually write good stuff!).

I’m actually writing the series as a bunch of mystery books for younger girls (middle school).

The novel is… probably adult, now that I think about it, but only because the characters are adults, not because of the content. I SLOWLY SLOWLY post that here, if you wanna keep up with my incredibly slow progress.

The fanfiction? At the moment, I write for the Mentalist and Magnificent Seven TV Series fandoms, here on FF.net, but I haven’t really done much yet. I’m a slow writer cause of all the other stuff I do as well… But I hope you enjoy anyway. :p

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