I have more followers here, on my blog, then I do on any of my social media combined.

Naturally, I always wondered why that was.

Then it occurred to me that you guys probably didn’t even know about my social media…. so if you’re feeling brave, follow me! Talk to me! I don’t bite! 🙂

Twitter: @tapioca_tern

Google+: Cass W.

Click them to visit them in a new tab! Admittedly, I like G+ more (kind of a better designed, saner Facebook [which I’m not on BTW] and no stupid character limits! lol) but I do post often, if I can, on all social media.

I’m ALSO ON TUMBLR! You can find me there at my blog of the same name, (more of Cass’s Useless Opinions, I know, so original, right? lol)

Tumblr: Cass’s Useless Opinions

I talk about my fandom-based stuff and random personal things there.

On the browser based horse sim game, Howrse.com, I am thewarrenranch (no, my last name isn’t warren, although I get why people always ask me that lol) on all the English-speaking servers. I am, however, only an active player on the International server. The others are just for people to contact me on.


Because I run a popular Howrse Help site, The Book Of Howrse with more than 2000 people a day visiting and I need people to be able to find me everywhere!


Finally…. if I get more time in the future I may do a YouTube channel. For now, though…. this’ll do me. :p


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