A complied list of the posts I’m the most proud of and the posts that got the best response.

All links open in a new tab… you’re welcome! 🙂


Top Three:

1. INTPs and Social Situations <– (I’m actually INFP, but was mistyped. INTPs seem to think I was right though)

2. Curly Hair/Results So Far <– (companion posts which are tied)

3. About Cass’s Opinions <– (I just really am happy with this post. Yes, unashamed self promotion…)


…And their Friends:

A Scatterbrained Comparison of Introverts and Extroverts


What If Music Dies? Soon?

Two ‘Classic’ Book I don’t Love | Unpopular Opinions Warning!

Stupid People

I Wish It Would Rain Down


Enjoy! If you have a favorite post/page I’ve done, comment it down below. 🙂

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