Music, writing, and reading- three things whose absence would make life useless. Don’t you agree?


Me March 2015 Edited
Pardon the poor quality shot… It’s only temporary.

My name’s Cass, and I’m an aspiring musician/singer/songwriter, who enjoys writing as well, and who basically loves color and everything cheerful, musical, or 1970s.

I was born in northern Indiana (yep, the USA), and now live in Michigan. Where is strictly confidential, but I can say that the only reason I didn’t say “born and raised” instead of just “born” is because by the technical standards of the world “raised” isn’t something I’m done with yet. :p

I’m enjoyed life for fifteen years, and plan to enjoy it for a whole lot more. Somewhere in those plans is the hope to start a band, publish a book, and make my career as a musician. Please wish me luck. 🙂

I’m a classic rock girl. I listen to anything from America to Styx to the Hollies, but my favorite band is and always will be Triumph, a threesome from Canada that totally rocks, no pun intended. In my own music, I kinda tend towards Progressive rock.

As for Typology I’m an INFP in MBTI, an IEI in Socionics and a 4w5 in Ennegram.

I’ve got a blog because… I want to. Why not? Maybe I’ll meet some friends, maybe I’ll inspire somebody, or maybe I’ll just scare everybody away, but whatever happens, I plan to have fun doing it! I do hope you’ll follow my blog.

Topics you may see popping up in my blog because I like/love them include Typology, Whose Line Is It Anyway? (the TV show), Get Smart (the TV show), bands I like, song lyrics I’ve written, stories I’ve written, videos I want to share, musical instruments I own or want to own, things that have happened which I want to “journal” about, and probably a lot of other stuff too.

You can find me on the game Howrse as thewarrenranch on the International server.

I also run two other websites. One is a rather successful help site for the game, called The Book Of Howrse (click here). I also run a site for my book, Kentucky Belle (click here)

I’ll probably get involved with more websites in the future as well, as they are my hobby- code is over my head usually so luckily we have WYSIWYG editors, lol. 😉 I DO know basic HTML and some Java (not javascript, just java) but no CSS. At least not yet, lol.

If you want to see some stamps I think describe me, scroll down, but don’t feel obligated. 😉

So have fun reading! I will definitely have fun posting. 🙂

“Today is the day to paint life in bold colors.

Whose Line Stamp 1 Whose Line Stamp 2  guitar stamp 1 guitar stamp 2 Guitar stamp 3 guitar stamp 5 guitar stamp 6 REO stamp 99 x 56 PNG I Wear Skirts GIF Stamp Triump Rocks Stamp I heart the 1970s! Stamp Styx Stamp Tomb Raider Stamp GIF rock music stamp x1nlmd love_music_stamp_by_Fire_Feline 316169y e9ee5e517f29e63d4c3eba09de1b238f-d52xqt7 469408 4aaaa5fa58f3e6d1 colorful_things_by_fear_the_brilliance-d41bss5 INFP stampthe mentalist stampperson of interest stamp

The Driver Move Stamp GIF 4w5 stamp
The are you normal Test -- Create and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!

4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Cass W. says:

      Hey there! No no we’re cool :p I was thinking I had gone nuts when I saw the follow notification cause I was like “wait, don’t they already follow me?” :p I had no idea you’d unsubed, lol.
      I think I’m like an hour late, and I unfortunately don’t follow five blogs (I need to but I just don’t have that much reading time!), so I’ll have a ridiculous one, but I’m doing it anyway! lol.

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