Photo Survey Challenge

YAAAAY! I was tagged by iceteapurplegem of Naturally Dreamy in a photo survey challenge. This originates from tumblr.. I did the larger tag/ask meme/thingie on my tumblr here, and properly tagged some fandom friends, but real quick, here is a more wordpress-friendly edition.

(Here’s their version!)

Now purplegem (can I call you that? Because if I may, I will lol) didn’t specify any rules here so if I may I will instigate some:

  • The original challenge is here
  • Pingback to your challenger (me if you’re reading this)
  • Link to their challenge
  • Pick (at least) three of the ones I answer here in my post
  • Pick at least three of the ones from the original challenge (or as many as you like)
  • Tag at least one person (ping to their about me page, or if not applicable, latest post) or as many as you like
  • Have fun!

I tried to follow my own rules lol:

1. Four TV Shows I Enjoy Made In The Last Five Years:





The Mentalaist, Person of Interest, Scorpion, & the modern remake of US Whose Line Is It Anyway?

2. Four TV Shows I Enjoy Made Before Five Years Ago


get smart

young rd=iders

wliia 2

The Magnificent Seven (TV Series), Get Smart (TV Series), The Young Riders, The original version of US Whose Line Is It Anyway?

3. Nine (oops seven) Drinks I Love

Malted chocolate & hot fudge milkshake, chocolate milk, strawberry-kiwi juice, root-beer float, iced tea, good ole’ water.


4. Three Weather Condition Pictures I Love




Rain, night, rain at night in the city = FEELINGS. Seriously though that first picture gives me so many feelings. I am adding that to a Photograph Friday near you!

5. Style Inspiration Favorites (sorry it got a little outta hand)

That got sorta out of hand.

6. Six (oops it became eight somehow) Shows I Enjoyed As a Kid


Babar, Gullah Gullah Island, The Upside-down Show, Little Bear, Out Of The Box, Between The Lions, Martha Speaks, Peep & the Big Wide World.

7. Three Things I’m Looking Forward To

Friends, because I want to make some new ones in college, college just… because, and the future because what can I say, I spend a good deal of my todays thinking about my tomorrows.


I challenge dreaming living loving to try this out (if you like! Don’t feel obligated)


LIKE I SAID I did it better on tumblr XD so check that out if you wanna!

Thanks again for tagging me!

One thought on “Photo Survey Challenge

  1. Arctic Hare! says:

    I’m so sorry I never commented on this before! This is way over do, I’m sorry. Yes, you can call me purplegem, thanks! 🙂 Rain in the city is totally feels. I love pictures and art that capture shiny roads!! 🙂

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