Subjective & Objective Things

Wow, I have not been posting anything substantial lately have I? My life has just been really busy, and as of now I’m typing this up on my phone as we drive off down the highway to visit some far away family.

I’ve been thinking recently about subjectivity and objectivity. And when things like that happen, I usually start writing a blog post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s interesting to me how blurred the lines between subjective things and objective things can be for people, sometimes even for myself.

I mean, it’s easy to see HOW that happens- everyone, at their core, wants to believe that their way of thinking, feeling, and living is the right way. It’s easy to forget to step outside of yourself sometimes and realize that there are 7 billion other people in the world who believe the same of themselves.

To be entirely honest, it’s something I still have to remind myself of, sometimes.

It’s funny how we assume that people are all the same sometimes, whether it be shaming someone with an opinion different than ours or, perhaps worse yet, assuming they share in our personal, subjective opinions- failing to recognize our fellow people as individuals. Assuming that our subjective truths are OBJECTIVE.

At the same time, it’s equally funny how we sometimes try to make objective things we dislike into subjective things, so that we can feel right about disliking them, so we can defend ourselves by saying, “But that’s not an objective truth! I don’t have to accept it!”

In reality, I feel that objective and subjective things are sometimes rather blurred together, and sometimes very, very clear.

Opinions are never objective. Your decisions regarding the best TV Show, the best hair products, whether iOS, Android, or Windows Phone is best, or whether consoles gamers or PC gamers are superior- those sorts of things are all subjective. But for something subjective, you’d be surprised how often I find people trying to turn these beliefs and opinions into objective facts. It becomes a universal truth that iOS is better or TIGI makes the best hair stuff or PCs are better than a console. People forget, or perhaps don’t want to acknowledge, that some people like WP or Android better. Some people like consoles best. Some people like Dove. And even if they do know that, a lot of times, they forget that’s okay.

Because it is okay. It is better thank okay, it’s marvelous. It’s marvelous that people are so unique and diverse. It’s marvelous that we aren’t all horribly identical molds.

Sometimes I think people forget that people have different opinions, and that while they have every right to disagree, it doesn’t give them privilege to insult them. It doesn’t grant you a pass to shove your opinions on them and be mad if they don’t stick.

All of that is subjective.

Most things are subjective. Most everything you think is subjective.

Objectivity, on the other hand. Math is objective. Science is objective. Objective is things that we know for one 100% certain, things we simply cannot dispute. So can dispute the best way to play video games? Yes

Can you dispute that 6 + 8 = 14? No.

You can’t change the objectivity of a fact just so you can disagree with it. You have every right to just disagree with it anyway. But that decision is subjective.

Now, can you trample someone based on their subjective thoughts clashing with yours? You can. That is your right. Should you?……. No. My subjective sense of fairness and rights says no. But I won’t tell you that you can’t, because I want you to have that right to diss others’ opinions, just like I wanna have the right not to.

And you know what’s most interesting?

This entire post was subjective. You don’t have to believe a word you just read, you know why? Because I made it up.

I’m really not even a hundred percent sure what this post was. I just had some thoughts and my phone and some subjectivity to spread.

Most things are subjective. Some are not. I just think we’d all do well to remember the difference. ๐Ÿ™‚

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