Photograph Friday | #11


I have a strange affinity for cassette tapes.

When I was a kid, I had a cassette deck, one of the little flat ones with the microphone. And I had tons of music on tapes and I had blank tapes for recording my own crap on. I distinctly remember the combination of love for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and disdain because at least two of their songs, if not more, always made you think the batteries were going dead (Woman In Love, Don’t Come Around Here No More), and I remember carrying my tape player by the handle on the end and wearing headphones walking around the house like it was an MP3 player or something thinking I was cool.

And yeah, I was only born in 1999. That’s what happens when your parents are old and didn’t have you until they were in their thirties: You love cassette tapes and you grew up thinking VCRs were the bomb.

Which you watched on your big built-in-a-cabinet-that-sat-on-the-floor-like-the-1980s TV….


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