Random Thought #16

So it’s my second full day of being 16. So far it’s going pretty good. 😀

Yes, among other things, I am now the proud owner of a pair of knee-high shiny white Go-Go boots (!!!), a teal light up peace sign for my bedroom wall (I don’t have a good picture of that right now) a guitar necklace & pin, and a much needed laptop case (also not pictured).

And of course, cake and ice cream. Yum!

A few birthday pictures:

16th BDAY 2 16th BDAY 3 16th BDAY 4 16th BDAY 5 16th BDAY 6 16th BDAY 7 16th BDAY 8

I chose to eat at Five Guy’s Burgers for my birthday and today we’re doing that. I’m wearing my boots today. I know I’ll get some looks but I’m taking a deep breath and DOING IT because I love them and and I’m me and I don’t care if other people think my sense of fashion is odd. As long as I’m happy, it’s cool. 🙂

A real post will be coming soon! I hope anyway, lol.

Also can we talk about how Random Thought #SIXTEEN ended up being THIS ONE, UNPLANNED!


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