Must-Do Scenarios

In response to this old daily prompt


If I could have all my food needs taken care of with a pill, and never again had to eat or prepare food, would I?

This is an easy, short answer: No.

There are only so many things in life that you MUST do. We do our best to make these things fun. We MUST wear clothes, so we have fashion trends, fashion magazines, and fashion icons. We MUST drink liquids, so we have juices and sodas and lemonades. We MUST sleep, so we have pajamas and fancy beds and nice sheets.

We MUST eat, so we have yummy food, fun ways to prepare it, and fun things to serve it on.

If the government announced tomorrow a new system where they issued brown uniforms to every human, which were picked up for washing and repairs on a schedule, and which were always your perfect size and costed you no money, so as to take the effort out of having to wear clothes and simplify our lives- would you say yes?

Probably not. Where would the fun in that be? There wouldn’t be any fun. That’s what’s wrong with it.

If they announced that to save money, they would be only offering water to everyone to drink and the water would be free, would you say yes? Probably not, because you’d be missing out on lots of other fun things like tea, coffee, juice, and milk.

I need my pasta, I need my garlic bread, my cheese, my burgers, my hot dogs, my casseroles, and my frying pan meals.

And my chocolate. I also need my chocolate.


So no- I would not replace my daily meals with a pill, but thanks for asking. :p


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