Middle Ground

Times are strange seems like nothing lasts / We watch the changes go by so fast
We fear the future, and it makes up long for the past,
Over my head, I got in too deep / Weighted down with the promises I could not keep
Between a rock and a hard place no room to be found.
There ain’t no middle ground

“It’s one of those things where either you love it or you hate it. There’s no in-between.”

The above line- the one in quotes- is one that I despise.

No one has the right to look at something and say that EVERYONE EVER is on one side of the fence or the other. Because I’m usually not.

I usually stand the middle ground with most things.I see truth on both sides of most arguments, and I’ve grown weary of people telling me I can’t have it both ways.

I mean, If you try to acknowledge that two opposing people are correct at once, there is universal shock. No one can comprehend the idea that two people on opposite sides of an issue can have equal correct value and inadequate factual content in each of their arguments.

How hard is that to get?

My favorite place to exercise this example, due to the petty nature of the argument (Hopefully I won’t start a knock-down drag-out this way), is the technology war.

Linux! Windows! OSX! ChromeOS! Which is better! It’s always the same arguments. The thing is, most people are right to some degree about ALL of the arguments they make, and they are also somewhat incorrect. Sometimes I experience a hero complex, thinking I’m the only one capable of seeing the truth about things. But I’m not- everyone is, they just don’t want to.

People that use Linux say it’s best because it’s a third party wheel, not attached to any particular hardware, and good for customization and techie stuff. People who do not use it argue it’s too complicated and heavy, and too overkill for the average user and too much a hassle because you can’t buy a flagship laptop/desktop with it pre-installed.

And they will argue about that in the comments section on the internet for days. More and more people will get sucked in and take sides. People will get called names and people will insult each other and themselves, people will tell others to go kill themselves and people will leave hurt, angry and upset.

And to what end? What does this accomplish? Nothing! When all is said and done, the guy who uses Linux still loves and uses it, and the guy who doesn’t still hates and scorns it.

But they don’t realize that neither side is really right or wrong. Linux IS good for techies and it is not over complicated for techies, but maybe it is for the average user. It’s a good operating system for dual booting systems so it doesn’t NEED to come pre-installed on hardware, but some people may dislike that it doesn’t- and some won’t.

They are both right and wrong respectively, the problem is that the guy who doesn’t use it assumes everyone else has the same needs he does and the guy who DOES use it assumes the same. If people realized that everyone is different and everyone has their own needs and lifestyles and personalities, if people could take off their goggles now and again and observe the world around them, maybe we wouldn’t have this problem.

I find, however, that I am usually the one wading in and trying to stop the madness. I’ll reply to both parties in the argument, standing the middle ground, explaining that what is good for you isn’t always good for others and vice-versa. You’re both right and both you’re wrong depending on who you are and this is pointless so call it a tie, agree to disagree, and let’s all be friends.

But see, there’s an issue with the whole not-taking-one-side thing- ALL the sides don’t like YOU. They both think you’re some freak, how dare you sit on the line! You have to be on one side or the other- you can’t have both!

And I just don’t understand. I simply fail to comprehend how people are so close-minded, when they have such potential. Open the windows to you brain people! Or at least part the curtains a bit. Let something other than yourself influence you.

No one seems to be okay with the fact that I stand the middle ground.

Everywhere you look some kind of war is going on / And no man’s land is never gonna stay that way for long,
Better climb off that fence boy, before somebody shoots you down,
Hey, they’re gonna shoot you down, and they’ll say / Hey boy, just who’s side are you on anyway
Well I haven’t got the heart to act my part out in their play
But in the end you got no choice, it’s the only game in town
There ain’t no middle ground

People are so determined to be right. They so want to be the one that comes out on top, they want their side to win. So when someone like me comes along, trying to say that EVERYBODY is a winner, it sort of messes it all up and I don’t suppose they appreciate it that much, as least by their reactions.

I think we should be a little bit less focused on winning for winning’s sake and a little more focused on what is the truth.

That’s all.

So maybe, next time you’re having an argument with someone- stop and walk in their shoes. Stop trying to apply YOUR life principles to THEIR life, and start applying THEIR life principles to THEIR life. You might just find that things go a lot smoother than you think.

So hard not to lose yourself along the way
Sometimes you gotta hold your breath and take that magic leap of faith

Last night I dreamed of a long forgotten place, high up on the hill,
The cool wind in my face
The air was clean and clear and I could see for miles around,
And in my heart I knew I had come home,
And in my soul there was a peace I’d never know,
And so I stake my claim to this sacred place I’ve found,
And I stand the middle ground
I stand the middle ground

Middle Ground by Rik Emmett | This is sorta my theme song lol.


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