YouTube suggested I rewatch this clip from an old episode of The Mentalist today….

So, I did.

And it got me thinking.

The clip is below; the part I’m thinking of is short, between 0:16 and 0:24.

“Uh, cheer up.”


“…Because it’s better to be happy than sad.”


I’d just like to discuss that for a moment.

In the show, it’s just a cute moment where he’s trying to cheer her up, but in real life, that’s a thing I say.

I’m usually smiling. I can’t help it. Why shouldn’t I be? Yes, I have plenty of sad times and mad times and indifferent times- probably more than most people (oh, bless my over-feeling, INFP little heart, lol), but I make an effort to stay happy, or at least somewhat cheerful.

I’m really not sure if I come off as warm to other people, but the least I can do is be cheerful instead.

And oftentimes, people ask me about that, puzzled by my genuine-looking smile- which unashamedly displays my incredibly crooked teeth, I might add.


(Not why are my teeth crooked lol, but why am I happy).

Well… because. Because reasons.

I’m never sure. It’s never a specific reason. It’s not I got a raise, it’s not gas prices are down, it’s not I got an amazing deal at the Dress Barn today. It’s just…. because. Because I am. Because why shouldn’t I be?

What really gets me, though, is the fact that it puzzles people. Why do people find it so hard to believe? Why do you need a reason to be happy? Why can’t you just be that way? When did that become a thing?

If you ask me, the day happiness became an oddity is the day society lost a lot of its’ glamour.

I suppose people are just too busy. They have jobs, stress, meetings, families, relationship troubles, finances… how is there time for happy?

I guess I’ve just decided happy isn’t an option. It’s not a thing I can cross off of my schedule. It’s a fixture.

People wonder, why are you happy?

I just say, “Because it’s better to be happy than sad.”

Because it is. I mean, it’s really just that simple.

This life should be a happy one

For all who do partake it

For if it’s not, the fault’s your own;

As life is what you make it



6 thoughts on “Happy

    1. Cass W. says:

      Hello fellow INFP! Yeah we’re one of the rarer types I suppose. I think there’s a ton of us on the internet though. I know two other blogs run by INFPs just off the top of my head, lol.

      1. Winnie says:

        Everybody’s INTJ it seems. It makes sense we would have a lot of blogs as we are a creative type lol.

      2. Cass W. says:

        lol yeah, I guess so, I do a lot of writing. 🙂
        Funny thing is, My dad may be an INTJ! Or am ISTJ. Not sure yet. :p
        I think most people are ESFx types or ENTx types or ESTx types…. just in my experience….

  1. Winnie says:

    I don’t meet a lot of people and I’m not good at pegging types. Most of my friends start with “I”. Anyway, I noticed you were writing a book- it seems really interesting. I’m swimming in book ideas- do you have any tips to get started on the first chapter lol?

    1. Cass W. says:

      Why thank you! 🙂
      Really- just WRITE. SIt down with something you want to use, beit software or paper, and write. Don’t think about your mistakes or your speed or whether or not people will like it. Don’t think too hard on it at all. Just let it all come out and worry about the editing later, when you actually get to that part! (We’re a perfectionist bunch; I find that does hurt my writing quite a bit).
      Accept your writing speed, don’t force yourself. I hadn’t written a fanfic chapter in three months, and hammered a 5o page one out in one day- that includes editing at 2AM of course, but you get the idea. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t come. Unless you write for a living, that’s okay.

      LOL yeah I know, typing people is hard. I don’t really have any friends IRL, but I suspect my internet friends to be introverts as well. 🙂 It comes with practice and a good understanding of cognitive function, don’t worry, you’ll get it! 😀

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