About Cass’s Opinions

In response to this older daily prompt


Opinions are useless.

They are good to have, certainly, but in the end, an opinion is just that- an opinion. What you think about something.

This may not matter to other people or the world at large to even those closest to you, because it is only a thought. Not an idea, not a rule, just a thought, and in this world of internet and blogs and social media- thoughts are a dime a dozen.

Everyone has opinions that they want people to hear and agree with. If you disagree, it is time for a flame war.

If you’re on YouTube, you need to call in reinforcements to survive it. If you’re on reddit, you need to write your will out, because you aren’t coming out alive.

People all seem to like arguing and disagreeing and insulting each other and hating. They seem to like putting people down and making them feel small, insignificant, stupid. They seem to think that makes them the superior person.

I’m just not like that. I have lots of strong values and opinions, of course, things that you won’t change my mind on- but the thing is, I don’t care what you think. I don’t care what you feel. I don’t care if you think my opinions are dumb- I mean, I can be sensitive and easily offended and respond badly sometimes to criticism, but that’s different than lashing out and hating people who are different than me.

I have no claim on perfection. I am not infallible. I’m probably wrong a lot. I realize this, and I am okay with it.

I am an INFP- I take things in and judge them against my moral compass and decide if they are good or bad, it’s a trait of Fi, which is my dominant function.

The things is though- I may take things in and judge them, but I judge them for ME. I don’t judge them for YOU. Because I am not you. I am myself with my own morals and thoughts and values and experiences. You’re you with your own morals thoughts and values- we won’t always agree. We may never agree at all. That’s okay. I know we are all individuals in the world and I value originality.

People who aren’t identical to myself don’t offend me. It’s people who attack me for not being identical to them that offend me.

In the end, in the grand scheme of things, when it’s all said and done will be people look back and say, “Yeah, that Cass, she had some great views, didn’t she?”

No, they won’t. They won’t even remember my name.

In the end, I am but a person. Just another person who exists with all the other people who have all their opinions and thoughts and views just as I do, and there is nothing to distinguish it all in the history books.

In the end, my opinions are really quite useless.

But they’re still mine.

So… that’s why I called this blog “Cass’s Useless Opinions”.

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