Allergic To ‘E’ | A Bloggers Challenge!

I have been nominated by iceteapurplegem at Naturally Dreamy to participate in the Allergic To ‘E’ challenge- no Es in an entire paragraph. I have no idea how I’ll do this, and I can’t even nominate the required five bloggers because I don’t actively follow so many (I literally do not have that much time to read stuff lol). Read more on the challenge here.

EDIT: Also find the original challenge here… Totally forgot that was a thing I needed to do, lol…

It’s probably a little over my 24 hour limit, so if this is late, I’m considered “lame” now, but what the hey. I’m still doing it. :p I didn’t get home till nine today, so I didn’t even see this till literally just now.

Okay. I’ll do this as a bit of a fanfiction story for The Mentalist. A Drabble. A vague drabble where we call Jane “Patrick” (law enforcement, Patrick Jane gets shortened to just “Jane” in canon) because of the E thing….) I had to rule out most of my stories because the character’s names have Es in them, lol!


Lisbon walks through room by room, looking for Patrick. “Patrick? You around?”

Patrick says, “I am! In a bathroom.”

Lisbon walks up to him. “This is odd, isn’t it?”

“Scary,” Patrick says with a nod, “Only thing around… is us. It’s still about this locus,”

“Ya-huh,” says Lisbon, “And much too dark for my partiality.”

“Uh-huh,” Patrick says. “Wanna go?”

“That’s just it, Patrick,” Lisbon groans, “I couldn’t find a door!”

“How hard is it to find a door?” Patrick says casually, starting off down halls.

“Patrick!” Lisbon trots back of him.

“Lisbon,” Patrick laughs, as Lisbon knows why Patrick is Lisbon’s all, though annoying is his tag, “I found it.”


“I just did,” Patrick says smugly, walking through, outdoors.



“No way you can do this to us again.”

“Do what again?”

Lisbon looks dour. “No going out on Oct. 31st!”

Patrick just laughs, and Lisbon joins in.

Lisbon didn’t truly think it was that bad. As long as Patrick didn’t know that…


That is my sorry, OOC attempt at that! :p The characters are all using words they usually wouldn’t, but at least there’s no Es! lol.


You have to do this within 24 hours, write your E free paragraph, and nominate five people. Like I said, I already fail cause I can’t do five…. but here are the people I do:

Crackers in the Desert

Write Me Up

Views Splash!

Good luck to ya! Its a heck of a lot harder than you think (No he or shes! None notta zilch! I almost went nuts lol!)

2 thoughts on “Allergic To ‘E’ | A Bloggers Challenge!

    1. Cass W. says:

      Thanks! As a story, I think it was pretty abysmal, but as an E-free paragraph, I don;t think it was too bad. :p
      Oops! I didn’t even realize that lol, I’ve fixed it now 🙂

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