Internet Presence

In (somewhat offhanded and rambling) response to yesterday’s prompt. 

My internet presence is hearkened by the moniker, “Cass W.”

Obviously, that is not really my name.

My legal first name is Cassidy. It’s a good name. Even fits me pretty good (it means curly haired one 😀 ). Nothing wrong with it. It’s unique and all. I just prefer to go by Cass. In the end, it doesn’t make much a difference. Doesn’t make it any easier to find my name on a personalized gadget or make my name more common- not that I take offence with either one of those things, because I don’t.

I just like it a little bit better. I don’t care if people call me Cassidy. It IS my name after all, and as such, it’s not fair for me to ask others to refer to me by a name that isn’t truly mine. Cass is but a nickname. However, if you choose to call me that… well, I might just secretly appreciate it.

The things is, I don’t worry about giving my real name out online. It’s just a name. Me not bringing it up isn’t going to keep someone who’s determined to do what they will from doing whatever it is they will. I only go by Cass because, as I’ve said, I prefer it.

My last name, as you’ve no doubt ascertained, begins with a W. Other than that, it’s not a thing anyone needs to hear about. It’s not that I’m afraid that one slip will have me kidnapped tomorrow. It’s just the fact that I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, certain parties prefer my anonymity. (my parents lol).

But, even though I can’t tell you what my last name IS, I can tell you what it’s NOT- it’s not Warren. Because of my work with the assistance of the players of a game called Howrse, and my username there being the thewarrenranch, TBHers (my website’s fans over there) who stumble across this side of the tracks assume that’s my name. I’ve also been mistaken for a noble sounding horse lover named… Robin Warren, I believe?  Either way, I can assure you that isn’t it.

I’m not TOO concerned about internet info. I figure if someone wants to know something they’ll figure it out. Me being secretive won’t stop them, just delay them a little. I know people who tell the internet EVERYTHING (I do mean everything *blushes in remembrance* ) and people who won’t even give you a first name in fear that you’ll show up to murder them shortly thereafter. I just sorta… comfortably stand the middle ground, as I do with most things in life.

I guess if it wasn’t for the fact that I DO comfortably stand the middle ground with most things n life, we’d never have anything to talk about around here. :p


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