Fashion and stuff…

I haven’t been able to think of something good to post on this week, so I was looking through prompts to find one suitable, and found this one.


Not to drag Typology into this too much, but I’m an INFP in MBTI. INFPs usually say they don’t care about fashion, or wear black or loose casual clothes, because they don’t like to be looked at, or want to blend in, or wish to think on more important things. All of these are very good reasons, but… they’re just not me.

I’m very much my own quirky little fashionista. I know what I like when I see it, and I usually end up being attracted to the 1960s. Everything- the clothes, the jewelry, the hair, the makeup- I just adore the 1960s.

My favorite place to look at clothes is which sells “unique” clothes. This site oftentimes has my exact style. (Other times, of course…. not so much, lol).

I LOVE dresses. People act like I’m always dressing up, but to me, a dress can be quite casual. They’re comfortable, feminine, cooler in summer (the air can move around) and it’s quicker getting dressed. :p

Examples time!

I adore the following dresses…. (in the post window, they’re all in a row, but in the actual post they may be big and long and annoying… sorry about that)

Dress I like 8 Dress I like 7 Dress I like 6 Dress I like 5 Dress I like 4 Dress I like Dress I like 3 Dress I like 2 Dress I like 1

Anyway, I guess now you get the idea. I mean, I could go on… shoes… jewelry…

earrings shoes3 shoes2

But I’d rather mention what I think clothing means.

Clothing is an expression of yourself. It shouldn’t be what’s in fashion, it shouldn’t be what your friends are wearing, and it shouldn’t be what the sales lady thinks will look darling on you. Unless, of course, you like those things.

Clothes are YOU. If you like it, you should wear it. It’s really that simple.

Clothes can be used to assert a status (which I disagree with) to express one’s thoughts. They can be purchased because one can afford them, or purchased to last, or bought cheaply and for the moment. You can make them yourself or rely on the fashion industry to produce what you like. Either way, clothes make an expression- but they they don;t make the woman. Even the ugliest clothes will be pretty on a good person, and even the prettiest clothes will be ugly on a bad one. In other words, choose your side of the equation carefully… and shop on! :p


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