In response to this daily prompt: “You, Robot.” No idea how old this prompt is, I was doing randoms…


If I could have a robot to take over any task that I despise, which one would I choose?


Well, I don’t particularly relish cleaning out the cars or mowing the lawn, but I get paid for that so it’s fine.

There are only a few other chores I can think of: drying dishes, cleaning bathroom, weeding, vacuuming.

Dishes, bathroom, and weeding are monotonous but can pepped up by listening to music or watching TV shows on a mobile device at the same time or something, so in the end they’re just necessary evils.

But vacuuming.


If there was an option to pause the universe, remove the option for doing something and eliminate. the need to do it in the first place, I would stop everything and get that outta here ASAP.

No pun intended, vacuuming sucks. It is the most boring, tedious, horrible task one can do, and it requires some measure of quality control and brain usage. See, I hate tedious things, but I don’t mind tedious things that I can not pay attention to and think about stuff that doesn’t kill my brain cells. Vacuuming is one of those yucky tasks that requires thought process to accomplish, so my brain is chained to my body, and my body is chained to the tortuous task of vacuuming.

But what is it that makes vacuuming so different from dish drying or weed pulling, you ask? Well, you can listen to music while you do those tasks. But not vacuuming. No, that would be too easy. The constant high pitched VROOOOOOM of the vacuum drowns out everything and one finds oneself trying to find the key in which the vacuuming cleaner hums in an attempt to not go insane listening to it. Actually, that might just be me, but hey.

I hate this chore so much that I always opt for the broom if it’s an option. And I despise carpets. In a practical sense they’re lovely and soft but the fact that they must be vacuumed irks me.

So yeah. I’d get me a robot who vacuums. If possible, a robot who SILENTLY vacuums would be absolutely lovely.


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