In response to this old daily prompt.

I hate it when people ask me, “what’s your favorite _____ ?”

I don’t really have favorites.

I mean, I do have a few. My favorite drink? Iced tea, no sugar or lemon (ick). Favorite guitar? Framus AK74. Favorite month? July. Number? 14. Style of music? Classic rock.

But in the long run? Nope, not really. See, here’s the thing: In the modern world, this one where we have so many of everything to choose from and so many good options for… well, pretty much anything, it’s hard to look at something and go, “Okay, that one thing is the best thing ever. We’ll pick it.”

Because, hey, what about the other ten equally awesome things that are coming along right behind that one? Are they any less worthy? Are they any less good? Are they somehow paling in comparison to their surprisingly similar counterparts?

Often times, for me at least, the answer is no, which leads one of two conclusions: Either there’s lots of things, which are good for different reasons, or I’m just too nice to play favorites. Both of these are viable answers.

I am a little too nice to play favorites. I usually end up feeling at though I’m, pardon my my French, screwing over the equally awesome things I didn’t pick as #1 in such a situation. But that’s not all of it. I actually do think there’s a lot of different awesome things, which are awesome for a lot of different reasons.

For example, let’s take the question: “What’s your favorite band?” What runs through my head when someone asks that:

Well, I’ve always loved Triumph, and Rik Emmett IS kinda sorta my guitar hero, but…. I also love Genesis about as much, and Phil Collins is one of the best drummers EVER. But Gil Moore of Triumph is ALSO a really good drummer. But there’s way more guitar work in Triumph’s stuff, and Genesis is more poppy and keys- but there’s not really any keys in Triumph stuff either! Ugh. Okay, okay, we’ll go with Triumph AND Genesis. Equally. But wait- what about all the other awesome bands and stuff? I also love Styx and Journey and REO Speedwagon, but right now I’m hooked on listening to Games People Play by the Alan Parson’s Project, but they’re not my favorite band. That’s not really my favorite song either. No, we’ll stick to Triumph and Genesis. But… what about Shooting Star?….. Hmm……

See what I mean? There’s just so much stuff out there that’s equally awesome for different reasons. A lot of times it’s just not possible to pick only one. For example, Operating systems. People freak out over OS wars ALL THE TIME. I mean, come on. Must they argue about something I can solve in about five minutes? Observe:

  • iOS: Made by Apple; which at the core is a good company with it’s share of lovers and haters. All hardware/software is identical, no matter the phone, with the exception of the iPhone 6 or 6+ size difference. Very much boxed in, which is good or bad depending on who you are. Expensive off contract (not that I’ve never seen worse) but often very very cheap ON contract (99 cents or free). Biggest app store/ecosystem, require iTunes, which can be a con if you don’t appreciate such software, but most do. Special charging ports, and iPhones get all the cool accessories. Seriously. All of them.
  • Android: Made by Google; which at the core is a good company, with its’ share of lovers and haters. All phones are different; all software is different, you can find pretty much anything you want. These phones are completely customizable, they can be made to do virtually anything. Universal charging ports, and a few of the good accessories if it’s a flagship phone model. Every company makes one just about, all price levels- they go from dirt cheap to crazy expensive. Definitely NOT boxed in at ALL.
  • Windows Phone: Made by Microsoft; which at the core is a good company with it’s share of lovers and haters. All software is the same, but hardware varies between hardware back, home, and search buttons, and the on screen versions; some of them have dedicated camera buttons and some don’t. Each of the Nokia Lumia models has a different kind of hardware but the same overarching theme; no one else really makes windows phones except HTC, and theirs, I hear, has lovely hardware which is not quite up to the build standards of Nokia. Universal charging ports, range from el-cheapo to holy-crap-that’s-more-than-my-rent, and somewhere in the middle ground of its’ older siblings: Not entirely boxed in, but definitely has a mostly invisible electric fence keeping you from straying very far. Smallest app store, though that’s changing, and smallest demographic. These phones NEVER EVER get cool accessories. Seriously. Never.

See how easy that was? W’ve just established the fact that all these OSes are equally nice depending on who you are, and just because it doesn;t work for you personally doesn’t make it a bad OS, so now these are all equal. We can agree that arguments about which one is the universal best, the favorite, if you will, are pointless since they’re all best at some things and worst at others.

Better is relative, everything is good for something, and if nothing else, at least you now know I don’t pick favorite blogs, lol.


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