Curly Hair

My dad has curly hair.

He didn’t always though, I’ve seen his “little boy” pictures, lol, and it’s straight as a stick. But now, it’s curly.

And you know something? I’v seen MY little girl pictures too, and I appear to have straight hair. BUT.

NOW, it’s curly.

I don’t know why I never considered, before this week, that I might have curly hair. I guess it’s because it’s never looked like it was curly. It was just a… a… poof. A big, ugly, poof, and I hated it. Still hate it, actually, because I haven’t gotten away from it yet, but by George, I’m going to!

See, curly hair cannot be cared for like straight hair. If you do that, you will damage it, and at some point it will not have the wherewithal to curl at all. But, since it’s intrinsically curly, you’ll still have a healthy dose of frizz all over the place (which I’ve always had). And thanks to trying to treat it as if it was straight, you get tons of broken ends too. And did I mention the frizz?

I was watching videos on this lovely girl’s channel and just sorta realized it all at once: I’ve had curly hair for heaven knows how long and had no idea because it’s too screwed up to curl. This, of course, needs to be remedied. I’ve been looking for a quick easy way to get nice looking hair- having naturally curly hair is the obvious solution, right? :p

So what do I have to do to fix this? Well, first I need to stop using sulfates or silicone on my hair. Basically, sulfates are REALLY harsh soaps also in hand soap, dish-washing liquid, laundry detergent, etc. It’s okay for straight hair, but it removes a natural oil called Sebum produced by your hair, which is something curly hair NEEDS. Silicones are in pretty much every other hair product including conditioners, sprays, gels, etc, and are not water soluble- they cannot be removed with water. Only with- you guessed it- sulfates. And since we can’t use sulfates, it would build up in your hair and make it greasy and heavy. Who wants that? No one, not me anyway, so I’ll be shopping for sulfate and silicone free stuff tomorrow.

Another thing I just learned: One does NOT EVER brush curly hair dry. Only when in the shower and it’s good and wet, because curls are formed by clumps of like hairs. When you use a brush on them, they are separated individually, and laying all on top of one another they create… you guessed it… FRIZZ. Crazy frizz. So yeah, curly hair, if properly cared for, doesn’t get tangly like straight hair does, so you don’t NEED to brush it every day. I know I know, that sounds odd but… it’s true.

When you do brush it in the shower it’s best to use a shower comb, not a brush, since they have very wide teeth. Very frizz lessening.

You should either have a satiny pillow case or hat or both, for at night, and if it’s a pillow case, putting your hair up on top of your head by flipping it upside down like you’re going to do a pony tail and not pulling through all the way so it’s a big bubble keeps your curls from getting smushed. Satin and it’s equally smooth counterparts are smoother than cotton, so rubbing against it doesn’t cause broken ends or frizz.

Moisture! Curly hair is VERY dry, so good moisture- weekly deep conditions, and daily leave in conditioner. Many use a natural, pure oil like Coconut oil to seal in the moisture (since oil and water don’t mix, it seals in the water).

Scrunch when wet! Flip all your hair over one shoulder and put you hand under your curls. Cup you hand under your hair and push it to the top, scrunch it really hard (you should hear a squishy sound) and let it go. Repeat like a mad person, then flip over the over shoulder, repeat, flip your head upside down, repeat, and do it all again. This helps your curls to form.

And finally, heat styling needs to be cut to a minimum. That means no straightening! And when blow-drying, to it on a cool low setting with a good diffuser.

That sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Well, it is, but I’m willing to try it if it gives me something to love about my hair!

I suspect my hair will eventually “heal” to look something like the one on the left, 3A:

Type 3 Hair

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