Random Thought #10

You might recall a post I did a while back, about my favorite movie, The Driver?

You might also recall my mentioning that one of my favorite TV shows is The Mentalist.

Well, just now, I was looking at screen shots, and I realized something. Look at this shot from The Driver:

The Driver & The Player

On the left, is The Driver. Curly blond hair, suit jacket with a dress shirt whose top button is undone and is lacking a tie. On the right, is The Player. Brown hair, wavy at the bottom, wearing a blouse and a blazer over it.

Now look at this shot from The Mentalist (I was hard pressed to find one with them standing on the same sides, so work with me here lol).

Jane & Lisbon

On the right, is Patrick Jane. Three-piece suit, but the top shirt button is undone and no tie, and blond curly hair. On the left, is Teresa Lisbon. Long brown hair, wavy at the ends, blouse with a blazer over it.

Very interesting indeed, right?

….Yeah. That’s what I thought. :p


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