I’m back…. kind of.

I’m back. Kind of. Let me explain.

I haven’t been online much at all actually. I’ve been playing guitar, helping my family members with yard work and house work, away from home on the weekends, plus my clogging group’s (did I mention I’m a clog dancer?) performing season is open again, so we have shows every weekend just about- but at least we get hired.

There’s a lot of posts I want to make, but whether or not I will even have time, who knows. I have some books to read that have a time limit, and a book to finish writing that has a time limit- and the daily cheer is on hiatus until I have time for it again. I’m casually typing it up on my computer, but I won’t be able to catch it all up and post it for who knows when. I apologize about that but… my life is suddenly just busy. Very busy. Summer is in full swing in other words.

I’ll still make some posts, but not much in the way of daily cheer for a while…. sorry!


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