Driving and cars

I just found out I’m about old enough to start aspiring for a learner’s permit.

This brought up the subject of cars. I decided the kind of car I’m gonna find.

I’ll get a Volkswagen Beetle. A Super Beetle to be exact.

Some people think I’m crazy and try to talk me out of it, some people agree, but either way, here’s why:

  • The gas mileage. 30MPG- can’t beat that! Even my grandparent’s new vehicle doesn’t get that much!
  • The insurance is cheap, so everyone says. In Michigan, insurance is always expensive but maybe it’ll be slightly less so. I won’t hope too much on that front.
  • The car is small. I don’t want to haul a big behemoth around.
  • It’s just cool. Come on, the trunk is up front, the motor’s in the back, and it looks so cool!
  • I wouldn’t be caught dead doing what most kids do [get a cheap Honda or something ugly and stupid that I like to call a rice burner. It’s cheap and it’s paid for, so nothing against them, but personally I hate them]. The newer cars looks stupid- I miss the days when the designs of cars were worth staring at. As a result, I don’t want anything post 1978.
  • They seem to be pretty cheap. Cheaper than other cars I want [I’d totally take a Nova, but that’s not happening].
  • They are GREAT in the snow. Rear wheel drive + engine weight in the rear = great for snow. In Michigan, this is a big plus.
  • They are a stick shift. I just love stick shifts. I don’t know why.
  • Everyone says they are really easy to work on and the parts are cheap.
  • I’ve done a lot of researching, and everyone seems to agree that they are built like tanks- they’ll last if you take care of them.

Now I just have to find one near here at a reasonable price that runs and drives with serviceable interior.

Harder than it sounds. I only know of two near here for sale. The first would be perfect if I had the money as it’s very cheap but I don’t, the other is a little on the high side and is missing a back seat.

The first one is $1,600. I have a target to reach in the savings department now, although 2500 or 3000 might be a better goal as this one will be long gone by the time I get there. I figure it’ll be two or three years before I have that much.

But I can’t wait!

It has to be post 1972 [which is when they fixed the overheating problem].

Like the one in this cool video:

I just wouldn’t leave mine yellow, lol.


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