Some more photos and stories

The daily cheer is next, and I apologize for posting in the afternoon/evening now instead of morning. It’s working better for me right now, but I hope to turn it back around soon.

Anyway, My grandparents got new smartphones. These Samsung Galaxy S4s are to replace the Motorola whatever-they-weres that they had before Grandma dropped hers. They always have matching phones so they don;t confuse each other, therefore they both got new ones.

The sales guy talked them into each getting a 4G equipped Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s. They are some awesome tablets, let me tell you. Like the S4s, they run Android. I want to say it’s Jellybean, but since the Tab 3 is pretty new it may be KitKat. Not sure. Anyway, it’s Android, my favorite for a tablet, and they are amazing, in short. My Mom has decided to get us some through 4G, but I’m thinking a Galaxy Note because of the S-Pen features.

Anyway, straying from the point here. As a result of these new tablets, when I visit them Grandma has a list of things she wants me to show her or try out or what have you. I had the tablet with me while they were doing some things that didn’t require my help, so I was bored. I had written a half chapter on my book and did some tablet research for myself and run out of things that felt useful. And I hadn’t been able to bring my guitar or uke.

Then I remembered the camera. I hadn’t got to really put it through its paces yet so I took it outside and started messing around. The first photo I took was of my Grandma’s prized statue thing she named “the bird of paradise”. I was amazed with the quality. I was led to believe most tablet cameras, even iPads, are crappy. This wasn’t anything to compete with professional grade cameras, but nice enough. Nicer than my first gen iPhone/iPod, and better than my mom’s old point and shoot camera.

So I took some pictures and edited them with the aivary android app. Here they are…

IMG_20140518_081550 IMG_20140518_082457 IMG_20140518_083109 IMG_20140518_083245 IMG_20140518_083617

As you can see, the lines are pretty sharp and the colors are quite true- although my editing has distorted your ability to see that, for example the one above here is black and white with green coloring on the Ferns.

Anyway that Camera gets a 7/10 from me. 🙂 It makes taking pictures fun!


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