May 19 Daily Cheer

Dr. Arnold of Rugby said, “Prayer and kindly intercourse with the poor are two great safeguards of the spiritual life; it’s more than food and raiment.”

Show kindness towards the weak. Carlyle pointed out that crabbedness, pride, obstinacy, and affectation are, at the bottom, want of strength- weakness. We would be more considerate of other people if we only knew the strength of their temptations and the weaknesses of their will. We see only to what they yield. We know not what is resisted. Give due thought to the power of hereditary, and the influence of the environment. Thousands of people are going about their daily work with aching hearts and anxious minds. They have recent weaknesses and perplexities, and the burdens of life well-nigh crush them.

Speak tenderly, be kind, be courteous, be gentle.

“Slightest actions often meet the sorest needs,

For the world wants daily little kindly deeds.”

-Epworth Herald.

What is meant by our neighbor we cannot doubt, it is every one with whom we are brought into contact, whosoever it be, whom we have any means of helping.

-Dean Stanly

To neglect any one who needs our help is to neglect Christ Himself.

-J.R. Miller, D.D.


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