May 14 Daily Cheer

The Kindness Of Love

“love is kind” 1. Cor. xiii:4
What a small thing to say as an introduction to the praise of love! Love is so high and kindness so homely, love so much in the heavens and kindness so near the earth. Yes, but the lowliest things are the hardest to illuminate. The triumph of the sunlight is the kindling of the vale. Even so is the triumph of love. It rises by shedding its love, but it culminates by defusing its kindness. Kindness is the latest flower of love. It is the self surrender in small things. It is love become habitual. Become chronic, become spontaneous- love running over the borders and making beauty on the dusty way.
Thou Christ of Calvary, give me Thy latest flower! Give me the bloom that runs over the border! Give me the unconscious power of making glad. Help me into helpfulness, tend me into tenderness, kindle me into kindness. Give me the overflowing cup- the cup that carries more than myself can hold. Give me the branches running over the wall making beautiful the hard places. Lend me the healing touch which men call tact, which Thou calls contact- the power to cure the wound without pressing upon the sore. Thou shalt perfect Thy loving kindness when thou hast made my love kind.

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