May 7 Daily Cheer

A Cheerful Man’s Sermon

It’s easy to smile and be cheerful

When everything’s pleasant and fair

We never complain of life’s hardships

When there are no burdens to bear

But as soon as the blue skies cloud over

And the way that was smooth has grown rough

We forget the blithe songs we were singing

And our faces are doleful enough.

But some can be cheerful when shadows

Are thick round the pathways they tread

They sing in their happiest measures

With faith in blue skies overhead

They face, with a smile that’s like sunshine

The trials that come their way

And they always find much to be glad for

In the lonesomest, dreariest day

Thank God for the man who is cheerful

In spite of life’s trouble, I say

Who sings of a brighter tomorrow

Because of the clouds of today

His life is a beautiful sermon

And this is its lesson to me-

Meet trials with smiles and they vanish;

Face cares with a song and they flee.

-Eben E. Rexford.


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