Random thought #6

You know…. I think I just found out I’m probably an INFP. Instead of a T, I’m an F.

Typology is a hobby of mine, and let me tell you it’s odd feeling to suddenly be an INFP when I related to the INTP profiles so well. And I felt like one…. and related to other INTPs… but Jungian Theory, which is what the whole MBTI thing is based on, has me with INFP. 

I don’t really mind, but It IS odd feeling. It’s like thinking your name is Fred for a year and then finding out it’s really Eugene.

I’m not POSITIVE…. but I AM 90% sure. Boy, do things change when you’re paying attention. XD

Now, I may decide I’m not an INFP either, who knows, I just felt like saying this pre-maturely.


3 thoughts on “Random thought #6

  1. Charity says:

    I’m in the same boat. I’ve thought I was an INTP for over a year and now I’m starting to think that I could be an intellectual-leaning INFP considering how much Te I actually use.

  2. icedteapurplegem says:

    I totally get how you are feeling. Because I get a different result every test I take, I get that feeling in a mini-way, quite a lot. Now that I have discovered INFP, and it is close enough, I am trying to get myself to say, “That’s good enough – stick with it”, so I don’t keep having this happen! And just wanted to say, I laughed so hard at this – I love the way you wrote it!

    1. Cass W. says:

      I’ve recently learned that tests don’t mean anything at all, so that was kinda shocking too. I’m okay with the INFP as it is, but I hate telling people I’m an INFP. The type has connintations (sp?) of overly emotional, overly sensitive, overly controlling stereotypical girls.
      In reality I know there are probably very few INFPs actually like that, but it’s still a thought.
      On top of that I feel at home in the online forums for INTPs but the INFP forums- UGGH. Way too much illogical chatter and emotional fluff everywhere. It’s so out of my realm. I must have a low percent of F or something.
      I do know the feeling though, lol. I know what you mean, I want to say it’s good enough for who it’s for but I want to be CERTAIN of my type!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it as well! 🙂 Thank you lots for the follow!

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