May 3 Daily Cheer

God’s promises are all the lamps to light up dark places; and I know of no brighter one than this: “As they days so shall thy strength be.”
But maybe you are already in the long, dark passage way. Or possible the valley through which your steps are leading is a very dark and shadowed one. Then gladly I bid you to look up and catch some of the light which God sheds down from this blessed assurance.

“When the sun withdraws its light
Lo! The stars of God are there
Present host, unseen till night
Matchless, countless, silent, fair.”
If we never had nights we could never see the stars. And so if you and I never had any trouble we could never enjoy such a promise as this of which we have written. We do not love nights but we do love the stars. We do not love sorrow and trouble but we do bless God for sustaining grace. We do not love weakness but we do rejoice in such promises of God as will uphold us when weakness comes.
-G.B.F. Hallock


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