May 2 Daily Cheer


Patience is stronger than fate. Prometheus is no fable, but a symbol. It is not possible to escape affliction, but it is within our reach to endure it. Patience outwearies adversity, she outlives scorn, she conquers pain by silent endurance. She is not clamorous, she never boasts, but she ever holds her own against all her foes. Patience is blind, but strong. Not to her is faith’s keen vision and the glimpse of joy to come; but she knows the duty of the hour and does it. The good man may lie in the dungeon gloom and bound with the heaviest fetter. Patience transforms the clanking of his chain to the music of victory. Longfellow has well said:

“And thou, too, whosoever thou art
That readest this brief psalm
As one by one thou hopes depart
Be resolute and calm.
Oh, fear not, in a world like this
And thou shalt know ere long
Know how sublime a thing it is
To suffer and be strong.”
-Zion’s Herald.


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