Meet My Pride And Joy

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt which I apparently missed is here.


This is pretty short and simple: My most prized possession is probably my Quilted Ash Morgan Monroe guitar. It’s the replacement to the one that broke- they gave me a new one for free because the conveniently didn’t tell me you had to keep it in the case with a guitar humidifier at all times. So, there’s this new one- as with the last one, my 30+ years of guitar playing cousin, Mike, visited, played it, and wanted to take it home with him. :p


The wood grain on this one is even cooler than the old red one! And it plays so easy and it sounds just gorgeous. ๐Ÿ™‚

And…. you know what? Because the title of the prompt was “pride and joy” and I posted a guitar, this song is stuck in my head now so I’m just gonna post it in here for no real reason, kay?


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