Random Thought #5

Yes, two random thoughts in the same day…. be very afraid lol.

This is not so much a random thought as it is a random announcement though… Mom and I just got back from a walk through the cemetery.

It’s really nice outside (although it is so frazzling windy it’ll blow your doors off) so we decided to go for a walk- and the best place around here is the cemetery. Now before you get all creeped out, it’s perfectly normal. If you lived one house away from one, you’d jog an walk and ride bike and walk the dog and all that in it too. It’s lots of roads that go all different ways and no cars to worry about. It’s perfect.

Anyway, we read a bunch of headstones. Again, that’s an interesting town history lesson…. not creepy… and we found one that was actually kind of sad. “Sad” things usually don’t make me sad, I admit I’m just a but callous sometimes I guess, and this didn’t really depress me but I can acknowledge that it’s sad.

There was a big tower like one with the name of the husband and wife- they were born in the 1800s and died in the 1800s, can’t remember the years. They lived normal long lives.

Up and down the other three sides, were names and dates of other people. Over 10 that we could make out, and by the dates, we found that all their children- over ten- died. The oldest one was 38, and was an M.D. There was another in their early 30s. But all of them died young, some were a few months old, some were a few years old, most were teenagers. And no explanation. Just the dates.


4 thoughts on “Random Thought #5

  1. Abigail says:

    I love walking in the Cemetery too! Ours is on the way to/from my Piano Teacher’s house. Does your Cemetery have a Sextant’s Office? Ours does and in the records it says the plot number, the persons name, date of birth, date of death and cause of death. We had the Sextant look up the family that built our house and we found out they had 5 daughters and they all died under 30 except the youngest daughter who never married so basically that was the end of their lineage.

    1. Cass W. says:

      We’ll have to look to be sure, and that’s a good idea! However, I don’t think ours does… we live in a town of less than 500, so not much we do have, lol.
      Yeah, it’s so weird how many young deaths there are in the pre-20th century! Did you know what the cause of death was? Mom and I were speculating on that one. At first we thought a fire, but everybody was so spread out it didn’t make sense. A family disease maybe?….. I’m guess this family’s linage stopped here too. Doesn’t look they lived long enough to have kids, and if they did I wonder if they would’ve lived, given the track record and all.
      Okay, is it weird to talk about this like it’s a normal everyday topic?…… <.<
      Our's is not really on the way to anywhere, just behind the house behind our house.

      1. Abigail says:

        The Sextant gave us a photocopy of the page. I remember the Dad died in 1916 of a Cerebral Hemorrhage. One of the babies that was listed on the page that was in another family plot had their cause of death listed as “Teething”. Who would of thought back then you could die from teething.

      2. Cass W. says:

        Wow…. I can’t imagine teething being so deadly! Interesting to look at history like that. That sort of history is interesting, but history you learn in school….not so much (for me anyway)…lol.

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