April 28th’s Daily Cheer

God does not send us strange things every year
When the spring winds blow over the pleasant places.
The same dear things lift up the same fair faces,
The violet is here.
-Mrs. A.D.T. Whitney


One of the first flowers to bloom in the spring is the heptica or the liverwort. The chill of winter was in the air and the snow was hardly gone when I saw one beginning its growing amid the dried leaves my stick had poked away.The sturdy hope of the plant moved and helped me. Never give up, keep alive and alert even amid the dreariest scenes and times. Chance will open somehow if you are getting ready for it by the faithful daily duty.
-James Buckham.


Trees of the forest and open fields!
Have ye no sense of being? Does the air,
The pure air, which I breathe with gladness, pass
In gushes over your delicate lungs, your leaves,
All unenjoyed?
-William Cullen Bryant


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