April 26th’s Daily Cheer

All are not taken, they are left behind
Living Beloveds, tender looks to bring
And make the daylight still a happy thing
And tender voices to make soft the wind
But if it were not so- if I could find
No love in all the world for comforting
Nor any oath did but hollowly ring
Where dust to dust the love from life disjoined
And if before the sepulchres unmoving
I stood alone (as some forsaken lamb
Goes bleating up the moors in weary dearth)
Crying “Where are thee, my loving and loved?”
I know a voice would sound, “Daughter, I am.
Can I suffice for Heaven and not for earth?”
-Elisabeth Barrett Browning


“Forever near us though unseen
The dear immortal spirits tread
For all the boundless universe
Is life, there are no dead!”
-Credit not given


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