April 24th’s Daily Cheer

Ye sons of Kohath, I have a message for you; I bring you tidings of great joy! Have you ever marked these words, “The service of the sanctuary belonging to them was that they should bear upon their shoulders”?
“The service belonging to them”- that is a grand thought that may well lift one-half of your burden. During these days of prostration, you are not wasting your time- you are not wasting God’s time. You are finishing the actual work which your Father has given you to do. You have been always lamenting that your work was postponed. You have been crying from morn to eve, “If someone would only lift this load from my shoulders, I would do my part in the world.”
Nay, ye sons of Kohath, this is your part in the world! This is the service which “belongs to you.” You have not been shunted from the line- God’s line. In the sanctuary of the Lord, “they also serve who only stand and wait.” Nay, I will go farther, I will say, “they also serve who only lie down and are waited upon.” Think you that the sick do no work for the healthy? They present the very food on which charity lives and breathes. Lift up your eyes, and behold your place in this universe of God! To you the heart owes fountains of compassion. In you is nourished that the ministrant river whose streams make glad the city of God. Magnify your office, ye sons of Kohath!
-Christian World.


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