April 19ths Daily Cheer

Look forward; stand far and unearthly,
Free-souled as a banner unfurled.
Be worthy, O brother, be worthy!
For a God was the price of the world.
-Joaquin Miller


The only true service is vital service. What you offer today will not be the same that you bought last week, or at least it ought not to be. There should be a deeper knowledge of the Lord, through experience, it may be, of suffering which makes the offering really richer. Many Christians have a strange way of accounting for sickness and sorrow. They say: “Ah! yes. We think the Lord cannot do without us, but he lays down to show us He can.” It seems to me the greatest wonder is that he He can do with us! That he can use such miserably bad pens to write His sweet messages, and such stammering tongues to carry His words, and such faithless hearts on which to write His name and His tender love tokens.
-Anna Shipton.


“O Father! help us to resign
Our hearts, our strengths, our wills to Thee;
Then even the lowliest work of Thine
Most noble, blest, and sweet will be.”
-Source not given.


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