April 18ths Daily Cheer

Does it rain today? Is it dark and gloomy? That is alright; there must be some story days. Tomorrow the clouds will have a silvery lining or disappear entirely. Does the sun shine? Enjoy the sunshine. Tomorrow may be bright also. Are you well? Enjoy your health, and use it to the best advantage. Are you ill? Then it is a day in which to be patient and endure cheerfully. Are you free from trouble? Then it is a thanksgiving day. Are you carrying heavy burdens for yourself or others? Then it is a day for rolling off your burdens at the foot of the cross.
-Louise Heywood.


Look up and be glad! Our Father knows all about it, and he has promised help for today, and for all the days, and His promise never fails. He is leading us in the right way, but if we hold fast to His dear hand, no harm can come to us. Soon the darkness will be over and just beyond w3e shall see the beautiful sunshine, and brightness and glory shall be ours for evermore.


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