April 15th Daily Cheer

“Happiness is a perfume which one cannot shed over another without a few drops falling oneself.”

All God’s providences are but His touches of the strings of the great instrument of the world.



I have often wondered why helpful souls are taken away by death. I do not wonder any more. I leave school when I am fit for this world, the ministrant souls leave school when they are fit for Thy world; they are the ripest fruit of the garden, and they are ripened by fire. The front flowers are Thy Gethsmane flowers- Thy Passion flowers. My place in the New Jerusalem will be determined by my conquest of exclusiveness and nothing conquers exclusiveness like pain.

-Rev. George Matheson.


This is the Blessed Life- not anxious to see far in front; not careful about the next step; not eager to choose the path; not weighted with the heavy responsibilities of the future; but quietly following behind the Shepherd, one step at a time.

-Rev. F.B. Meyer.


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