April 12ths Daily Cheer

Do you know Lowell’s tribute to his love, the wife of his youth, when he said to her:-

“Yet in herself she dwelleth not

Although no home were half so fair

No simplest duty is forgot

Life hath no dim or lonely spot

That doth not in her sunshine share.

She doeth little kindnesses

Which most leave undone or despise

For naught that sets one heart at ease

And giveth happiness or peace

Is low esteemed in her eyes.”

The going out of self- a smile, a bright word, the quoted Bible promise, the gentle greeting- how eagerly these little things are grasped and treasured sometimes, how much grace we need sometimes to give them, only He “to whom all hearts open” truly knows.

Surely, with a heart full of the desire to carry Jesus’ love to all to glorify Him in all things, we shall find time all too short to do what is daily suggested to us by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

-J.C. Bridgman.

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