April 10th’s Daily Cheer

Oh, the dear message that He gave her then,

Said for the sake of all the bruised hearts of men!

Go, tell those friends who have believed on Me,

I go before them into Galilee!

Into the life so poor and hard and plain,

That for a while they must take up again,

My presence passes! where their feet toil slow

Mine shifting swift with love, still foremost go

Say, Mary, I will meet them, by the way

To walk a little while with them, where they stay

To bring My peace. Watch, for ye do not know,

The day the hour, when I may find you so.

And I do think, as He came back to her,

The many mansions may be all astir

With tender steps that hasten in the way

Seeking their own upon this Easter day.

Patting the veil that hideth them about,

I think they do come softly, wistful, out,

From homes of Heaven that only seem so far,

And walk in the gardens where the new tombs are.

-Mars. A. D. T. Whitney


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