April 9th’s Daily Cheer (Easter)

I am aware that Easter is on the 20th but in 1904, it was on the 9th, so perhaps you should re-read this when Easter really happens. 😉


Do saints keep holy day in heavenly places?

Does the old joy shine new in angel faces?

Are the hymns still sung the night when Christ was born-

And the anthems on the Resurrection morn?

Because our little year of earth is run

Do they keep record here beyond the sun?

And in their homes of light so far away,

Mark with us the sweet coming of a new day?

What is their Easter? For they have no graves,

No shadow there the holy sunshine craves-

Deep in the heart of the noontide marvelous,

Whose breaking glory reaches down to us.

How did the Lord keep Easter? With His own!

Back to meet Mary where she grieved alone,

With face and mien all the tenderly the same,

Into the very sepulchre He came.

No credit is given.


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