April 5th Daily Cheer

It is not prayer-

The clamor of our eager wants

That fills the air

With the wearying, selfish plaints.

It is not faith

To boldly count all gifts as ours

The pride that says

“For me His wealth He ever showers”

It is not praise

To call to mind our happier lot

And boast bright days

God-favored, with all else forgot

It is true prayer

To seek the Giver more than the gift,

God’s life to share

And love- for this our cry to lift.

It is true faith

To simply trust His loving will,

Which’er He saith-

“Thy lot be glad or ill.”

It is true praise

To bless alike the bright and dark

To sing all days

Alike with nightingale and Lark.



Sorry for missing the Daily cheer! I’m going to load up my auto post as far ahead as I can so I don’t do that again. 😉


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