Writing Styles

I took a random test today that was supposed to identify your writing style.


Certificate: Test results
What style of writing is best for you?

For 30 % you are: Because you are a curious intellectual, I think you should write NOIR. Noir is more commonly known as classic crime, like Sherlock Holmes. You have the power to make readers hungry for the answer to the puzzle- which is cool, because you have all the answers! (hahaha)
25.8782 % of 854 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: I think you have the right personality to be a JOURNALIST! You have a thirst for knowledge of what’s going on all around you, and you have a sharp tongue as well. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: You have been chosen to write FANTASY! Your mind obviously is creative and unique, and you are great at making things up, which you should be, because that’s what fantasy is all about. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: Clearly, a GOTHIC style would be right up your alley. Also known as horror, this is the stuff that will chill your readers bones. You are especially good at selecting the best weapons- ahem, words to use in your writing. Profile D

Take this quiz: What style of writing is best for you?

I was actually rather surprised by the fact that the top answer was quire accurate. I do write mostly mysteries and every time I write something that isn’t supposed to be one, it accidentally turns into one, lol.
If I was going to name my favored style of writing, I’d say conversational, but I am also good at flowery- I try to adapt to what the piece calls for.

If you were going to name your writing style, what would you name it? Just a fun poll! Check as many as you want.


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