April 3rd’s Daily Cheer

Don’t lose courage! Spirit brave

Carry with you to the grave.

Don’t lose Time in vain distress!

Work, not worry, brings success 

Don’t lose Hope! who lets her stray

Goes forlornly on the way.

Don’t lose Patience, come what will!

Patience ofttimes outruns skill.

Don’t lose Gladness! every hour

Blooms for you some happy flower.

Though be foiled your dearest plan,

Don’t lose Faith in God and man.


Be noble! and nobleness that lies

In other men, sleeping, but never died

Will rise in majesty to meet thine own.

-James Russel Lowell

That which we do for ourselves is forgotten, that which we do for Christ is immortal.

-T.DeWitt Talmage, D.D.


Which one’s your favorite? Mine’s definitely the first one. 😉


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