Holy cats. I’m sitting on my bed with the door FIRMLY closed. There’s a bat in the living room!

Mom and Dad are downstairs trying to get it out of the house ASAP. Bats bite and often have rabies so…. here’s hoping. 

I think Dad’s look in for it in the music room…. I was sitting in here working on my other websites, and I heard Dad downstairs yell “Hey, there’s a bird in the house!” and then Mom yelled for me to come downstairs and help, and when I came down, I heard him say “It’s a bat” and I was later instructed to go upstairs and shut all the doors. Which I did, and while I was at it I shut this one and hid behind it. :p




Well… what else am I supposed to do whilst I wait for the bat to be removed? lol. I hope he’s gone soon!

I doubt anyone cares about this, but I don’t have social media accounts (too much work) so if I want to tell someone not present about the bat, this is where it ends up. 😉

Oh yeah… I guess Dad’s gonna put on gloves and try to get him out but putting a cloth over him and grabbing him and throwing him outside, but the website says they have to be thick or the bat will bite through it. Uggh. Wish us luck!


4 thoughts on “Wow.

    1. Cass W. says:

      Yes. Very creepy, and we still haven’t found it yet. Thanks for commenting. 🙂
      I can’t wait till tonight if we still haven’t found it yet…. (sarcasm intended)

      1. Abigail says:

        We had one in our house that my Dad couldn’t find. He finally found it on the window will behind a curtain. I think it was trying to squeeze under the window sash to get outside.

  1. Cass W. says:

    Yeah, we think it’s in a room that we have stacked floor to ceiling with boxes of stuff that belongs in the rooms of the house that are currently being renovated, in which case he’s going to have to come out. They say bats hang on curtain rods to hide from people though.
    Oh well. Everyone’s gone to bed and I guess we’ll look tomorrow- I shut my door and rolled a blanket up against the bottom just in case… lol.

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