April 1st’s Daily Cheer

Heaven will be sweeter and more beautiful, more to be desired because of the entrance through it’s shining portals of out loved ones. It will be easy for us some day to let go of this life and go to be with the multitude of the redeemed who have “washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb”. Let us think of the last and sweetest home coming in the Father’s house of many mansions, where our dear ones are waiting for us, and some night, God only knows how soon it may come, they will meet us with outstretched arms. May the blessed Christ come into our hearts more completely, and may we rest our weary souls on Him. His breast has been a safe refuge for many a sorrowing heart and His love never fails.



For our dear ones safe on the other side we give these praise, oh Lord!

Though out hearts are sore for prayers denied, And out songs have a broken chord

Never the stain of shame or sin,Never the blight of pain

Shall come to the blest who have entered in where only love doth rein.

-Margaret E. Sangster



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