Tablets: I’m saving my money

I’ve decided that a tablet would be a nice thing to own and maybe I’m saving my money for one.

My laptop isn’t the best thing, but it’s fine. It’s a cheap, refurbished (fixed up used) $250 Windows 7. It’s the only real internet access I had, and the “cheap”price was a stretch for my parent’s budget, but it still made my 13th birthday. It’s a Compaq Presario CQ57.

It’s going on two years old. Most laptops can last five years or so and I’m not at all worried that it’ll be dying anytime soon. It does has some issues. There was a time when I could run Star Stables, (a full screen 3D MMORPG or whatever the letters are) game no problem. Now it makes the fan run higher than I thought was possible, and then it starts clicking and rattling- at which point I did a hard shut down because I was afraid it was going to explode or something. Regardless it no longer handles that game well. The N,’ and , keys stick and sometimes don’t work at all, and the space bar has recently decided it isn’t going to space half the time. Even now as I type this, I hit the space bar and still go through and add in the spaces that didn’t go the first time around.

All this has led me to reading reviews on (my favorite computer review site) on laptops. I was thinking one of those that converts from a laptop to a tablet.

But those cost about $360 bucks, but for 16GB of storage instead of 8GB it was $400. I won’t have that kind of money till I have a real job, so that was out. But I want a Tablet.

So I found what is considered the best quality cheap tablet on the market, and I think I’m going to save my money over the summer to purchase one.

It’s the Hisense Sero 7 Pro. It’s $150 bucks, which is only $30 more than the last guitar I bought (which I love, by the way).

More about it is here, but basically it’s supposed to have good sound and graphics, fair speed, and okay batter life (six and a half hours- the average tablet battery is seven and a half though). You can add more storage if you need it by getting a cheap storage card to plug into the drive, so it goes from 16GB to whatever you buy.

I think a tablet would me nice possession because it would be small and portable and nice to curl up with, being so much smaller than my 15′ laptop (seven inches) plus I really want something with a touchscreen.

My parents have been going to buy one for a while, but even if/when they do, it will belong to mom, dad, and me, and not just one of us-me. So buying my own would be cool.

How will I earn that much money? Much of my money comes from chores that pay, honestly. Family members pay me to do things, for example I can get $20 for cleaning out the family car.

Anyway, I felt like making a post on this for some odd reason. I realize that this blog is getting over run with Daily cheer, but I can’t post everyday except for that, so naturally that’s what’s happening.

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