March 31st’s Daily Cheer

Father, I must lean hard,

And lay on Thee the burden of this pain

This murmuring impatience too Thou knowest

Is harder still to bear

My fainting heart

Must find its shelter ‘neath the encircling arms

of Thine own love

Clasped firmly there

Take all my burden. Thou said’est it would be Thine!

Leaning on thee, I know I shall be strong,

Father, dear father, I would be closer yet,

But Thou must draw me else I cannot come

Thine arm is not enough; where else can I repose

But on thy loving breast? Soft pillowed there

Forever let me lie

Weary and weak

My feet had stumbled on this rugged way

Had’st Thou not held my hand, and now I’m come

Close to narrow stream,

Even should its waters and its waves swell high

Thine everlasting arms

Shall bear me safely through its floods

Can never overwhelm

Father Thou lovest Thy child

I do not doubt, but will lean hard


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