March 29th’s [late] Daily Cheer

A child’s kiss

Set on thy sighing lips shall make thee glad,

A poor man served by thee shall make thee rich,

A sick man helped by the shall make thee strong,

Thou shalt thyself be served,by every sense,

Of service thou hast rendered.

-Elisabeth Barrett Browning

But as he prayed, lo! at his side

Stood the thorn crowned Christ, and sighed

“O blind disciple- came I then

To bless the selfishness of men?

Thou askest health, amid the cry,

of human strain and agony

Thou askest peace, while all around,

Trouble bows thousands to the ground.

Thou askest life for thine and thee,

While others die, thou thankest Me,

For gifts, for pardon, for success,

Fir thine own narrow happiness.

-Priscilla Leonard.


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