Your Daily Cheer for March 26th 2014

We receive help in our Christian lives through many channels. But more, perhaps, than we are aware of, does god God use other human hearts and lives as his agents in blessing and helping us. Every true Christian is sent among them to be an interpreter of Christ. No one can see Christ in His invisible glory, and therefore we know Him and love Him, and in whom He dwells, are to be his interpreters. Every faithful follower of the Master is the bearer of blessings from the great fountain of infinite life and love. In ever pure, true, worthy friend whom God gives to us, He sends us a little measure of His own love and grace. One writes, in recognition of a blessing God has sent:

“God never loved me in so sweet a way before;

‘Tis He alone who can such blessings send;

And when His love would new expression find,

He brought thee to me, and said “Behold, a friend!”

There are friends who are to us like a great rock in a weary land. We flee to them in the heat of the parching days and rest in their shadow. A friend in whom we can confide without fear of disappointment- such a friend is not only a rock for us, but is also as rivers of water in a thirsty land, when our hearts cry out for life and love.

-J. R. Miller, D.D.


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