Your Daily Cheer for March 25th 2014

A voice within his breast

Whispered, audible and clear,

As if to the outward ear;

“Do thy duty; that is best;

Leave unto thy Lord the rest!”

-Henry W. Longfellow


What clumsy tools God finds us, to be sure! How fickle, how untrustworthy! Let us take to heart Beecher’s dictum: “To be a Christian is to obey Christ, no matter how you feel.” That is the secret of Paul’s power, and he was not disobedient to the heavenly vision. And that my be the spring of mighty power in us. As Longfellow sings: –

“Poor, sad Humanity

Through all the dust and heat

Turns back with bleeding feet

By the weary road it came,

Unto the simple thought

By the Great Master taught,

And that remaineth still,-

Not that he repeateth the name,

But he that doeth will!”

-Epworth Herald.



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