March 24th 2014: Your Daily Cheer

Keep a smile on your lips; it is better

To joyfully, hopefully try

For the end you would gain than to fetter

Your life with a moan and a sigh.

There are clouds in the firmament ever

The beauty of heaven to mar,

Yet night so profound there is never

But somewhere is a shining star.

Keep a song in your heart, it will lighten

The duty you hold by your hand.

Its music will graciously brighten

The work your high purpose has planned

Your notes to the lives that are saddened

Make them to hopefully yearn’

And earth shall be wondrously gladdened

By the songs they shall sing in return

Keep a task in your hands, you must labor

By the toil is true happiness won

For a foe and for a friend and for a neighbor

Rejoice, there is much to be done

Endeavor by crowning life’s duty

With joy giving song and with smile

To make the world fuller of beauty

Because you were in it awhile.

-Nixon Waterman.


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